Demo Reel

Created for the 2018 game studio senior show at Champlain College.

Lucha Megadrive


Lucha Megadrive is a 2.5D fighting game the blends new lucha libre themed mechanics with traditional fighting game mechanics. I joined the development team this year for my capstone project.

My work on the game so far includes:

  • Improving visual feedback of key actions in the game
  • Implementing new game modes like trials and training
  • Implementing new UI/Menus and transitions
  • Creating shaders and materials for characters and environment pieces

You can check out the game trailer and follow future development here.

GPU Animation Blending


My final project for my animation programming class was creating a GPU based animation blending system. This project was created in a minimal C framework and OpenGL using compute shaders. The end result is being able to blend animations in multiple types of ways by activating different shader programs. My partner Brian has a more in-depth write up about our architecture and process here.



This Fall I worked on a game called Empirical in a team of four as my first capstone project. The idea of the game was to make a minified version of an immersive sim game. Bioshock but smaller. As the sole programmer I worked on all aspects of the game including:

  • Physics, upgrade, and narrative system implementation
  • Gameplay/game feel for movement and combat systems
  • Enemy shader/material creation
  • Enemy movement and combat AI

The game is not being developed any further past our pre-production phase but you can see some of the work we did in this trailer.



Through my work as an Advanced Programmer at the Champlain College Emergent Media Center I have had the opportunity to work on exciting new projects like this one. The goal of Eden was to create a virtual reality experience that also provided olfactory stimulation to the player. Basically smell-o-vision. The end product was a narrative based VR experience hooked up to an external device that actually released smells as the player got in close enough proximity to certain items. My work as the sole programmer included:

  • Designing and programming VR movement systems
  • Interfacing UE4 with a serial port device to release scents
  • Implementing player interactions with the world
  • Implementing seamless level streaming

You can read more about the project here. And watch the trailer for the project here.

30 Minutes or Less


A 48 hour virtual reality game jam I worked on. 30 Minutes or Less is an on rails pizza delivery game where you throw pizzas out the window at the right houses to get a high score. I had a lot of fun creating all the small interactions in this game. You can interact with a lot of the mechanisms in the car as well as throw an infinite amount of pizzas out the window at houses and trees. A small section of gameplay can be seen in my video reel above.

Braille Type to Learn with Parries


For Global Game Jame 2018 I worked with two other programmers to create a competitive braille typing game. The game is designed to be played with a sideways arcade stick. Using an arcade stick both players race to fill in the correct pattern to type insults one letter at a time. As the name implies there are also parries. Each player can parry one dot belonging to the other player at a time. If your opponent presses a button that you parried you immediately finish your insult and take one of their lives. If you have two Xbox 360 arcade sticks and want to check it out you can download it here from the Global Game Jam website.

Hyper Neon Fishing


Hyper Neon Fishing is a fast paced beat’em up aquatic creature collection and aquarium simulator game. I worked in a team of ten to create this game for my Production II class. You can download it from itch.io or check out our website. My work on the project included:

  • Programming combat abilities and a collectible management system
  • Implementing 2D art, animations, and particle systems
  • Programming UI and gameplay feedback systems